March 3rd, 2018

Children’s Easter fun on February's stamps. Three bright spring stamps released by Finland Post is excited to present to your attention three fresh spring stamps by Finland Post issued to celebrate Easter 2018.

Designed by Susanna Rumpu and Ari Lakaniemi, the stamps feature children’s Easter celebrations as they are today in Finland: a mix of the eastern and western traditions. This interesting mix was implemented on new Finland stamps that amaze with their fresh and interesting design.

Finnish Easter traditions are clearly influenced by the fact that Finland as a country as situated between the East and the West. Finland used to be part of Sweden, but is not regarded as part of Scandinavia a such.

So, what is the difference of how Easter is celebrated in western and eastern Finland? In western Finland Easter resembles Halloween celebration. Children dress up as witches and collect treats on Easter Saturday. Whereas in eastern Finland, children visit people on Palm Sunday, offering to bless their homes with their twigs in return for treats.

The stamps presented by Finland Post depict different scenes of Eastern celebration. The first item features little boy dressed as the Easter Bunny; the second one depicts children preparing to present traditional rhymes to bless somebody’s home; and the third item shows a little witch with her treats. The Easter stamps by Rumpu and Lakaniemi highlight the bright colors of the children's clothes and decorated twigs.

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