Christmas as the brightest celebration in Greenland. 2 festive stamps unveiled by Greenland Post

October 25th, 2017 is glad to introduce Greenland’s version of Christmas 2017 stamps. True to its tradition, POST Greenland issues two Christmas stamps each year. This year’s Christmas stamps were created by one of the most popular Greenland artists Julie Edel Hardenberg. She as the author of this bright issue commented on the story of its creation.

So, to create the first Christmas stamp Julie Hardenberg drew her inspiration from the Greenlandic Christmas hymn ‘Guuterput’, which was written by her great-great-grandfather Rasmus Berthelsen. The title, ‘Guuterput qutsinnermiu’ means ‘Our God, in the highest’ and is all about the choir of angels singing to the shepherds on Christmas night. The design of the second stamp was inspired by memories from the artist’s childhood, when her grandfather would give children candles to light in a recess outside on the snow, so that they could spread the Christmas spirit outside the home.

Christmas is particularly festive in Greenland. It is celebrated with many candles and an abundance of characteristic, red-orange Christmas stars that can be seen in almost all the windows. The Christmas trees are also lit in the towns giving rise to extra cosiness for most of the families that usually celebrate this bright holiday at home with Christmas crafts, mulled wine and Christmas goodies.

Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th December, with dancing round the Christmas tree. An exceptional tradition of Greenland is that, during Christmas, groups of children sing Christmas carols in front of people's houses and receive goodies from the residents.