Christmas in Tonga – so different and so unique! 4 beautiful festive stamps to your attention

December 24th, 2015

Tonga is the unique country that is why the winter holidays are celebrated here in special way. No snow and no real pine trees. Maybe a balloon, if you're lucky. This is how some Tongans describe Christmas in Tonga. is glad to introduce the original stamp issue by this special country to you attention.

Christmas and New Year's Day are often very big celebrated Tonga holidays as the streets are adorned with colorful decorations and lights. All religious faith in Tonga come together and celebrate Christmas by going to churches, family gatherings, and festivals. Usually everything is closed from Christmas to New Year's so that families have quality time to celebrate with one another.

Singing is a huge part of the holiday celebration and Tongans are often seen celebrating by singing from day to night. Villages would hold singing competitions against one another and exchange food dishes to commemorate a unified community.

A highlight that is often described by visitors is the Tutukupakanava. During the ceremony, coconut husks are arranged neatly on the shores of beaches and lit on fire; it is often described as the Tongan version of bright Christmas lights.