Each stamp 'shines' and unites people! The festive sheet of 10 stamps release by PostNL

November 22nd, 2015

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to introduce the Netherlandish festive stamps that have been unveiled by Robert ten Brink recently.

Robert immediately used the opportunity to write his first Christmas card. The December stamps show that Christmas and New Year are festive holidays that we celebrate together.

Celebrating together is also what Robert ten Brink finds important about the festive season. Of course, he knows as no other how to bring people together. "Christmas is a time of love, of thinking of each other and of showing this. By sending Christmas cards to close family and friends and spending time together. I'm sending my first Christmas card to a good friend who could use some extra support. I see this moment as the start of an unforgettable Christmas".

Each stamp 'shines' and unites people! The festive sheet of 10 stamps release by PostNL
Celebrating together

The design of the December stamps shows how important it is to be together in December and to think of one another during this time. Every stamp features stories of people and animals and interaction takes place between the figures. Another similarity between the stamps is the element of light, whether that's stars, crystals or fireworks. Each stamp 'shines'.

Who will you think of this Christmas?

Ludo Voorn, Marketing Director at PostNL: "You can use the beautiful December stamps to surprise loved ones, friends and acquaintances with a Christmas card. In this age of social media, email and WhatsApp, cards say 'I care about you and I'm thinking of you'."