Earth as seen from space appeared on 12 new stamps by La Poste

July 20th, 2018

Recently La Poste issued this beautiful set of 12 stamps depicting different places on Earth as seen from space. Photographs of the Earth were taken by Thomas Pesquet from the International Space Station between December 2016 and May 2017. During his mission the French astronaut constantly returned looking at our planet to remind us of its wealth, its fascination and its wounds. He gave us these breathtaking photos that appeared on stamps.

The resulting stamps are quite stunning. They show Betsiboka River Delta in Madagascar, where the river passes through the mangrove forest to reach the Indian Ocean, and the view of the Himalayan Mountains in China, which makes them no less magnificent. There is also the image of the Green River of the United States, which is the main tributary to the Colorado River, and when it is seen from above, you can really see the force of nature that carved out the path of the river over time. The same goes for the volcanic island in French Polynesia that is shown on one of the stamps with a view of the surrounding coral reefs, and it is truly beautiful. But nature isn`t the only subject of this issue, one of the items shows the lights of Paris at night, with the intricate pattern of light dots, that seems microscopic, and puts life in perspective.

We also invite collectors to take a look at other stamps devoted to space thematics .  


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