Easter as one of the most festive events among Christians. A new festive Croatian stamp with cutie Bunny released!

February 29th, 2016

Easter implies the dimensions of suffering and death and just by their turning into bridge leading to Father's home every joy acquires its legitimacy and its meaning.

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to introduce to our readers' attention a festive Croatian stamp that depicts cute and funny Bunny. This small and timid animal to whom his antennas are his only weapon, is the symbol of that joy, of the victory over death, of that renovated and always renewable world.

In which bush does the bunny hide? When the grass becomes green, like in old school readers, and when the catkins develop their soft furs and the catkins hang down along young branches, the tops of the pricked rabbit's ears and a small tail which would like to sunbathe protrude below many bushes and many tufts. This is how once spring used to come and also today – despite all climatic change – it is still how we are used to expect it and to look for it.

Rabbit depicted on a new Croatian stamp is associated with the ancient goddess of Mother-Earth symbolizing its fertile and fertilizing waters. Thus, it becomes in itself the symbol of fruitfulness and reproduction and later even occasionally runs to the side of sins and bans. His mythic history does not have only its daily but also its nighty side.

The simple minded rabbit approaches in that sense to Christian lamb, Jesus' symbol, so that its role in the Easter iconography is far more complicated from the one "at first glance" i.e. at first egg. Though, it is human to rejoice.

The bunny of Ms Sanja Rešček on this year's Easter stamp of Croatian Post, with its lovely head and masterful stylisation can provoke smile in anyone, which is also its intention. And then, he does creative work: he has just finished painting green an egg, adding small sunny spots to it – all that is needed so that we might feel joy from the soil beneath our feet upwards and that we might – together with the nature – become green up to our ears.