Educational history of America’s postal system represented by the Bailar collection

August 19th, 2015 would like to inform our readers about of the greatest philatelic collection that remains extremely popular among stamp collectors from around the world. This is the collection formed by Benjamin Franklin Bailar, a former Postmaster General of the United States, is dedicated to the other Postmaster General named Benjamin Franklin.

Through philatelic items tied together by a common thread of Franklin's image, autograph or historic affiliation, the Bailar collection presents a fascinating and educational history of America's postal system.

At top: "B Free Franklin" free frank from Benjamin Franklin in London to his wife in Philadelphia. Above: George Washington free frank and address to Benjamin Franklin as President of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Bailar built his collection with an unusual, if not unique, approach. Each selected item had to meet two requirements. First, in one form or another, it had to picture or relate to Benjamin Franklin. Second, the item had to tell an interesting postal historical story. The result is a collection that not only appeals to philatelists, but to anyone who enjoys history.

The Bailar collection was displayed as an invited noncompetitive exhibit at the 2006 international exhibition held in Washington, D.C., where it proved to be one of the most popular displays among the many thousands who attended the event.

The Bailar collection was featured in a special sale catalogue, and the auction was held in conjunction with the Rarities of the World sale in June. Collectors with a wide range of specialized interests found a lot of extremely interesting items in this remarkable auction.

Educational history of America’s postal system represented by the Bailar collection