Endangered Species: The Black Rhinoceros. A bright miniature sheet with one stamp presented by Guernsey Post

February 5th, 2018

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to present to your attention a special miniature sheet with one stamp by Guernsey Post featuring the black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) that is the most well-known of the five living rhinoceros species. This is the 12th species to feature as part of Endangered Species series by Guernsey Post with the previous editions of which you may get acquainted here.

Also known as the hook-lipped rhinoceros, it is one of the oldest groups of mammals. This is one of the major rhino species in Africa. The Black Rhino is characterized by the long upper lip, which is hooked for the purposes of grasping and pulling leaves.

Rhinos play an important role in their habitat and are one of the main sources of income from ecotourism.

It is hard to estimate exactly the number of subspecies of the black rhinoceros. However, it is known that at least three of them are classified as extinct in the wild. Every year the situation is getting sadder, because it is difficult to keep rhinos in good health in reserves. In addition to poaching at the hands of human beings, rhinos are also threatened by predators and the loss of habitat.