October 28th, 2016

Envelope from hijacked plane is to star at stamp auction. The highlight of the next Ace Stamp Auctions

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to share the latest auction news with our readers and to present to your attention the highlight of the next Ace Stamp Auctions’ sale – the envelope from hijacked plane. The letter was on board a British Airways VC10 highjacked in Dubai in 1974. 

The auction takes place at the University of Western Australia Guild Function Centre from Saturday October 29 to Sunday October 30.

Ace Stamp Auctions’ 20th sale – hosted online by JustCollecting – will feature 2,500 rare lots of Australian and international postal history, in addition to coins and banknotes. A November 1974 airmail envelope delayed by a highjacking is one of the standout lots.

The letter from Britain to Australia was in the hold of a Far East-bound British Airways VC10 when four Palestinian men hijacked the plane while it was refuelling in Dubai. The hijackers forced the pilot to fly to Tunis, demanding the release of seven Palestinian terrorists. The hijackers killed a German passenger before giving themselves up 84 hours after the ordeal began.

The letter reached its destination several days late, having acquired two “DELAYED EN ROUTE – AIRCRAFT HI-JACK” cachets.

Ace Stamp Auctions’ Ian Boulton comments: “These are rarely seen and the last one we had sold for $160.” This example has a $90 valuation.

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