European Nature Protection stamps

May 13th, 2013

In accordance with the initiatives to apply the European Landscape Convention in Serbia, the natural resources are presented on postal stamps as examples of care for sustainable development, thus joining values of natural and cultural heritage. However, these natural resources mark 50th anniversary from acquiring the status of Protected natural resource.

The landscape of exceptional natural beauty "Rajac" (stamp face value 46,00 RSD) besides outstanding natural features has also a significant place in the history of Serbia. In this region (highest point at 848m), which is part of the mountain Suvobor, during World War I, happened the famous Battle of Kolubara including the space of Ljig municipality. A monument was erected in Rajac in honor of the renowned 1300 corporals who took part in the battle. Rajac is also known for Mowing event which symbolically represents the action of mutual support and solemn completion of cutting of mountain meadows. For its landscape features, which include landscape, historical and ethnological char­acteristics of this region, part of Rajac area is from 1963. by Ljig municipality’s decision protected as landscape of exceptional natural beauty. The Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia is performing research which would include Rajac area into the larger protected natural complex of Valjevo mountains.

The natural monument "Resava Cave" (stamp face value 50,00 RSD) falls among the most significant speleological sites and touristic caves in Serbia. The interior of the cave has numerous halls, galleries, pillars, stalagmites and stalactites, draperies and petrified waterfalls. The cave is dating back approxi­mately 80 million years, and its old jewelry is estimated at 45 million years. It is 4,5 km long of which 2,8 km is explored, the temperature is 7°C, with humidity from 80-100%. The jewelry starts from the cave entrance and appears in three colors: red (from iron oxide), yellow (clay impurities) and white (crystal cal­cium). The cave is put under protection in 1963. by Despotovac municipality’s decision, while in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Nature from 1991, and at the proposal of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia it is protected as a natural monument of great importance in the range of natural resources of national value.

Release date is 13.05.2013.

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