For the Welfare – Hansel and Gretel stamps from Germany

February 10th, 2014

German post issued a stamp series "Hansel and Gretel" with an additional value due to welfare.

The German Federal Ministry of Finance introduced the sign of charity featured on welfare German stamps. The sign represents five colored dots forming a plus next to a motto – "doing good – help with Stamps".

Such stamps with an additional cost have been issued for more than 60 years in favor of voluntary welfare. The recipient is the Federal Association of Voluntary Welfare.

The new stamps "For the Welfare – Hansel and Gretel" are issued within the year series "Grimm's Fairy Tales".

Hansel and Gretel are the children of a poor tree feller. They live together with their stepmother in the wood. One day the poverty becomes too abject, so the stepmother wants that the father abandons Hansel and Gretel in the wood. So he does but Hansel eavesdrops on their conversation and spreads small stones on their way so that they are able to find the way back home. The father retries to abandon them and this time Hansel is not able to take small stones along but a slice of bread. He spreads the breadcrumbs on the way but as they want to go back the birds had eaten them. So they get lost.

A third day they find a house consisting of bread, cake and sugar. They break something off to allay their hunger. In this house lives an anthropophagic witch. The witch hears that someone nibbles her house and says "Nibble, nibble, gnaw, Who is nibbling at my little house?" and the children answer "The wind, the wind, the heaven-born wind!". But she does not let herself be fooled.

She catches Hansel and Gretel. Gretel becomes her skivvy and Hansel is tucked by her in a cage so that she can fatten him and eat him later. Every day as she is nearly blind she feels his finger to see if he becomes fatter but the smart Hansel gives her a small bone to fool her. As she thinks he do not become fatter she loses her temper and want to roast him immediately. She wants that Gretel feel if the oven is hot enough but Gretel says that she is too small to look in the oven. So the witch has to do it herself and as her head is in the oven Gretel pushes her into it. Then she frees her brother.

As they don't find the way back home they come to a lake from where a duck carry them home.

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