December 28th, 2017

George Washington free franking cover auctioned at Siegel. The lot was sold for US$25,000 hurries to let stamp collectors know that George Washington free franked cover was auctioned at Siegel for US$25,000. This is a very rare franked cover that was sent from George Washington to Benjamin Franklin circa 1785-1786.

The cover contains Washington franking as well as the address written by Washington himself.

This lot was auctioned during Siegel’s “A Postal History of America sale” that focused on philatelic artefacts that existed before a postage stamp was even created. One of the most valuable parts of this cover is that it displays an intact black seal on the reverse, featuring Washington’s coat of arms.

Siegel explains: “Examples of correspondence between these two important historical figures are rare outside of institutional archives. This was sent during a time when Washington was a private citizen (he was not elected president until 1787).

Technically, he did not hold the franking privilege, but Washington’s signature on the address leaf was honored by the post office and no postage was charged.”

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