Gordon Miller’s stamp collection is predicted to be the hit at 2015 York County Stamp Show

January 20th, 2015

FindYourStampsValue.com got to know that well-known stamp collection of Gordon Miller will be available for purchasing at 2015 York County Stamp Show.

Gordon Miller's stamp collection is so huge that it would take days to count the exact number of stamps in it.

"We estimate a couple of million stamps here, no doubt about it," said Miller, 66, of Lower Windsor Township.

"I inherited a bunch from my father's estate when he passed," he said. "From the quotes we got, I decided they were worth that much to me rather than to give away to stamp dealers."
Miller's father was a lifelong stamp collector who was able to procure envelopes with used stamps from his work. His dad worked at Certainteed on Richland Avenue in York, which made shingles, and sometimes they would use recycled paper.

This month, Miller will join hundreds of other stamp enthusiasts at the 2015 York County Stamp Show, sponsored by the White Rose Philatelic Society of York.

The show is the 37th annual show in York and will feature 22 vendors as well as a youth area with handouts and other goodies for children interested in stamp collecting.

"They will have albums for your stamps, stock books to store your stamps in ‒ different supplies for the stamp collector," said show chairman John C. Hufnagel.
Miller serves as the dealer chairman and has noted the significant draw for out-of-state dealers.

"They're from as far away as Buffalo, New York, Ohio, Virginia and all over Pennsylvania and Maryland," he said. "We're not bad for what they call a 'little regional show'. "
And for those with less experience, veteran collectors like Miller and Hufnagel will be on hand to point newcomers in the right direction.

"I'll be there the whole time," Miller said. "Just ask for me."