Joy of Europe stamp from Montenegro

October 28th, 2012

The Posta Cren Gore has issued a stamp dedicated to the 43th International Gathering of Children of Europe Joy of Europe 2012.

Joy of Europe (Radost Evrope) is a European dance festival with a long tradition. The annual event takes place in Belgrade, Serbia with 30 European nations showcasing their culture through dance and music.

This year's 43th Joy of Europe festival has for theme the words of Serbia's well-known children's author Dusko Radovic "Let streams flow into the rivers wide, allow the tributaries to develop left and right." To mark 90 years since the birth of Dusko Radovic, this reference to "water" was specially chosen, in order to highlight the significance of developing the notion of environmental conservation amongst children. Life started in water, and on the banks of rivers, the first civilizations sprouted. In the arts, science and religion water is most commonly used to symbolize beginnings, life, harmony, unity and peace. The beauty of water and its fantastic ability to transform into different states, make it unique and intriguing as a catalyst for artistic expression and thought.

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