Large Dragons cover is to star at Hong Kong auction. Be the lucky one who will buy it!

June 7th, 2016 hurries to inform our readers about one more interesting philatelic item that will be put on sale in the nearest future. It is 1879 Chinese Large Dragons cover that will lead the Asian Stamps and Postal History sale at InterAsia Auctions in Hong Kong.

It's valued at US$320,000-385,000 ahead of its appearance on June 26-29.

The Large Dragons issue was the first official Chinese postage stamp. It went on sale in 1878, making this one of the earlier surviving covers. It's addressed to William Hancock, a British Imperial Maritime Customs officer, and was sent from Taipei in Taiwan to Shanghai.

As it passed through the customs system it was stamped with two customs date stamps ‒ one issued at Tamsui (a suburb of Taipei) and the other at Amoy in China. The auction house calls it "indisputably, the greatest postal history item of Taiwan…

"The Large Dragons 3 candarins stamp represents payment of domestic postage to Peking, where Hancock had been stationed since 1 October 1879.

"Such mail to Customs officials during this period was often times addressed and sent to the central Customs Office in Shanghai through the Customs Post and then forwarded on to Peking via Tientsin through the Customs Postal Department, which handled official mail…

"There are only four envelopes from Tamsui recorded during the 1878-82 early Customs Post (Large Dragons) period with the 'Customs/Tamsuy' double-ring d.s."

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