Le Petit Spirou – one of the most famous Belgian comic strip

October 23rd, 2014

SatmpNews.com is glad to inform that Belgium Post issued a special stamp depicting Le Petit Spirou. Young Spirou, created in 1987 by Tome (writer) and Janry (graphic artist), is a popular Belgian comic book figure. The books are filled with short stories about the character's childhood. The issue was released on the 6th of October and is now available for purchasing.

Le Petit Spirou (Young Spirou) is a popular Belgian comic strip created by Tome and Janry in 1987. The series developed from La jeunesse de Spirou (1987), a Spirou et Fantasio album in which Tome and Janry (at the time the authors of the series) set to imagine Spirou's youth.

It was developed into a spin-off series shortly afterwards and the authors have focused on it ever since the controversy created after their final Spirou et Fantasio album, Machine qui rêve (1998). New albums are among the bestselling French-language comics, with 330,000 copies for the latest one.

In addition to continuing to develop the character in the spirit of previous Spirou et Fantasio author Franquin, in this series Tome and Janry paid homage to Franquin's manner of animating the gag's signature.

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