Letter Writing Day commemorated on new Japanese stamps

July 25th, 2013

In the end of July Japan released a collection of postage stamps to popularize and promote letter writing movement. This nationwide movement has been taking place in Japan since 1979. As a part of the movement, a "Letter Writing Day Stamp" is being issued every July. The theme of year 2013 is design motifs of Japanese hand towel.

The typical motifs of summer time in Japan are depicted. The stamps are suited for both summer and late summer greetings.

The first stampsheet depicts a boy writing a postcard, a mailbox and a bug catching net, a goldfish, Ipomoea nil flowers and summer vegetables.

The second stampsheet features a girl writing a letter, a mailbox and a bug catching net, Mame gohan (a bowl of rice cooked with beans), a kettle and two glasses of cold barley tea, corns, Ipomoea nil flowers,  a postal truck running by the river, mosquito coil, cold somen noodles and tomatoes.

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