Libyan stamps celebrating the important anniversaries were issues

January 7th, 2015 is glad to inform that Libyan post office has issued two new stamps, one to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of Libyan independence and the other to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the state-owned Libya Insurance Company.

Both stamps have a face value of 1,000 dirhams – on other words, one dinar.

The Insurance Company stamp features Tripoli Castle, although it was decided last summer by the government that its headquarters would relocate to Benghazi along with Libyan Airlines and the National Oil Corporation.

The stamp commemorating independence on 24 December 1951 is similar in design to the one produced for the 62nd anniversary. It again features King Idris, the Libyan flag and the country's royal coat of arms.

The issuance of such stamps is largely symbolic. The mail service in Libya, even before the present crisis, is barely used.

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