July 20th, 2018

Magyar Posta marks Earth's iconic animals with four stamps


Some of the most adorable animals that amaze us today are under constant threat. To draw attention to the situation of endangered and protected animals Magyar Posta presented a special stamp series depicting Earth's iconic animals that also bears the WWF’s logo. The four items recently released were designed by the graphic artist Imre Benedek and produced by ANY Security Printing Company. See also a great range of other stamps devoted to endangered animals.

The first stamp in this issue shows the giant panda. This adorable animal became endangered due to human activity destroying nature. Now a giant panda only lives in some areas of central and southern China. Thanks to the efforts of several organisations, including the WWF, the numbers of giant pandas are constantly rising.

The second stamp features the African elephant - the biggest land mammal. It is also one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Ivory poaching is the reason why these majestic creatures are so vulnerable today. 

The third stamp in the series depicts the polar bear, which suffers from the tragic consequences of global warming. This species is superbly adapted to extremely cold weather conditions, but the climate in the North Pole is becoming warmer and warmer. For this reason, this animal, too, is classified as a vulnerable species.

The last stamp in this series shows the Bornean orangutan that is a species of the only great ape genus native to Asia. The shape of its head and the dentition of this species resemble most closely that of the human head and arrangement of teeth. The number of these animals is decreasing due to legal and illegal logging, forest fires, the prohibited trade in animals and hunting.


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