Malaysia as one of the most popular tourist countries! Four bright and sunny stamps released!

December 1st, 2015

Malaysia is known for its many exotic islands that feature stunning beaches, tropical rainforests and diverse cultures. The islands of Malaysia are divided in the islands at the western peninsula, the eastern peninsula and the islands around Borneo. They can boast of many stunning places that allure people from around the world. is glad to introduce this great stamp issue of four items released by exotic Malaysia.

Exotic Malaysian Islands and Beaches

# Tenggol Island stamp

Tenggol Island is an island off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia. It offers visitors the feeling of being on their own private tropical island. The island was traditionally uninhabited, but now contains several hotels. Activities range from snorkelling, scuba diving, jungle trekking or just basking under the sun on the white sandy beach.

# Tinggi Island stamp

Tinggi Island, is a large sparsely inhabited island, which rises 2000 ft (600 m) above sea level off the east coast of Johor, Malaysia. The interior of the island is mostly covered with secondary lowland Dipterocarp rainforest. It has fresh waters, fruits, rattan, timber and a sheltered harbour and coral reefs which abound with prolific marine life.

# Sembilan Island stamp

Sembilan consists of nine islands; Rumbia, Lalang, Saga, Buluh, Samak, Nipis, Agas, Miskin and Nyamuk. All of them are uninhabited, so you will find an oasis of peace. The area around the islands is not only known for fishing. It is possible to dive around Sembilan.

# Satang Island stamp

Sarawak’s first marine protected area, Talang-Satang National Park covers an area of 19,414 hectares and was gazetted in 1999 to enhance marine turtle conservation in Sarawak. The Talang-Satang National Park includes the Pulau Tukong Ara-Banun Wildlife Sanctuary, two small islets located close to the Satang Islands. Pulau Tokong Ara, the larger of the two rocky outcrops, is home to breeding colonies of bridled terns and black-naped terns.

# Mataking Island stamp

Mataking Island consists of two islands, the bigger Mataking Besar and the smaller Mataking Kecil. Mataking is located to the southeast of Sabah, close to the Philippine border. It is the ultimate destination for honeymooners. Dive enthusiasts will have a splendid time around Mataking, as there are well over 30 dive sites in the area. Dive conditions are usually great, with good visibility and almost no currents during the dives.