January 29th, 2017

Nudity as the most controversial theme in Postal Art!

Nude has been a recurrent issue in art. But the tiny pieces of philatelic items have also soaked the tendency to depict nudity in all its beauty. Very often such stamps contain the images of pictures by some famous artists such as Rubens, Modigliani, Goya, Degas, Manet, Picasso, Dali and others belonging to different styles as renaissance, cubism, surrealism or fauvism.

However, stamps do not avoid depicting erotic photos sometimes provoking indignation among the art connoisseurs.

A little bit of history

Nowadays Postal Services from around the world choose nudity as the theme of their sometimes provocative stamps releases. But not all countries are loyal concerning this issue. So, it is historically known that the USA Post has only issued one stamp that featured an artwork of a nude, feminine form. Till today the Postal Service of this country avoids depicting naked bodies on their stamps as they are considered to be unworthy theme to devote tiny pieces of art to and considers nudity to be the only use of porn. While other countries actually take nudity as a sense of art.

The glaring example to all this was the original reaction by the U.S., in that letters bearing the original stamp bearing Goya’s “Nude Maja” were rejected and not even allowed to enter the USA.

It is considered that the first stamps featuring nude female body were issued by Spain. This event happened in 1930 when the country celebrated the death anniversary of its one of the most famous artists Francisco de Goya. These were three philatelic items that depicted the eponymous paintings by Goya “The Naked Maja”.

It is considered that the first stamps featuring nude female body were issued by Spain in 1930

It is important to mention that the painting of this great artist was and remains an extremely popular theme for stamps by different countries. “The Naked Maja” has appeared on the philatelic items of such countries as Ajman, Bulgaria, Panama, Mongolia, Central African Republic and Paraguay. Here are the examples of such stamps that depict nude and graceful Maja.

Ajman: The Naked Maja postage stampBulgaria: The Naked Maja postage stamp

Central African Republic: The Naked Maja postage stamp

Paraguay: The Naked Maja postage stamp

These stamps were very popular among stamp collectors worldwide and became the world’s first case of open image of the body of a wordly woman (not a goddess) with pubic hair, thus opening a new popular topic in philately: nude. The set continued to be enormously popular and was used as a premium by stamp dealers throughout the 1930s.

Today a great many of countries choose nudity as the potential theme for their stamp issues. Such countries as Romania, Hungary, Spain, Paraguay, Republic of Congo etc always have in their philatelic stock so called “nude” stamps.

So, this issue is definitely a worthy theme to dedicate an article to, in which our website FindYourStampsValue.com will get our readers acquainted with some of the most famous and interesting examples of nudity depicted on the stamps.

It is worthy to mention that basically the stamps that we call “the nude ones” depict the paintings and the images of sculptures created by world-renowned artist. So, we can surely claim that such small items are a real works of art and as being great masterpieces they are worth being delighted with.

So, this issue is definitely a worthy theme to dedicate an article to, in which our website FindYourStampsValue.com will get our readers acquainted with some of the most famous and interesting examples of nudity depicted on the stamps.

Erotic Paintings that appeared on postage stamps

Exquisite Austrian stamp ‘Woman waiting’

This great philatelic item depicts the work of famous Austrian artist Silvia Gredenberg. The talented painter has a lot of great pictures of beautiful landscapes as well as human beings. Her works are full of mystery offering endless possibilities to explore the artist’s inner world. The painting “Die Wartende” (Woman waiting) was created by Silvia Gredenberg spontaneously.

Exquisite Austrian stamp - Woman waiting

As she was a very punctual person, Silvia cannot stand it when people were late. On one of such days forced once again into a long wait, the artist expressed her feelings in this beautiful picture depicting the naked and beautiful woman. This image was used by Austrian Post in order to create the original philatelic item that is popular among the stamp collectors till today.

Gorgeous female forms on an Austrian stamp by Dina Larot

This Austrian stamp depicting gorgeous female forms was created by Dina Larot. The main theme of her paintings is without doubt the attractive nudes and pictures of young women that are dominated by a strong but quiet eroticism.

Gorgeous female forms on an Austrian stamp by Dina Larot

In her bright works the artist tries to interpret women as subtle and emotional creatures that should be taken care of. The philatelic item created using the picture of Dina Larot confirms the fact that the artist creates her own world through painting letting the art connoisseurs identify artist’s subjects and to understand her work. The philatelic item has become popular among stamp collectors not only In Austria but also worldwide.

Judith and the Head of Holofernes…One more erotic stamp introduced by Austrian Post

This bright stamp contains the image of an oil painting by Gustav Klimt “Judith and the Head of Holofernes”. It was created in 1901. It depicts the biblical character of Judith holding the severed head of Holofernes. This theme was very popular in art of the Middle Ages. Gustav Klimt depicted Judith as a Viennese society beauty. The model that was chosen for this picture is Adele Bloch-Bauer whose sensuality shocked the whole Austria.

Austrian stamp: Gustav Klimt - Judith I

As we see Austria has released the greatest number of stamps dedicated to the theme of nudity.

The items released by Austrian Post amaze and even shock with the erotic images with sexual flavor and gracious nude bodies depicted on them.

Some nude stamps issued by the Soviet Union Post

This interesting stamp depicts one of the well-known pictures of Edgar Degas. Its theme is a nude woman combing her hair. As the woman’s face cannot be seen well, the picture seems to be a little bit enigmatic and mysterious. Some sources state that it was made by Degas intentionally as he had no interest in personalities.

USSR Stamp: Edgar Degas - Woman Combing Her Hair

The gesture of the hand as it combs is often portrayed by an artist and becomes the visiting-card of his creativity. Despite having some provocative aspects the postage stamp depicting this work of art was of great interest among stamp collectors and art connoisseurs.

This is one more philatelic item by Soviet Union Post that depicts nude female body. The picture that has appeared on a stamp is “The Danaë” – an oil painting by the Italian artist Titian. This work of art is a real masterpiece that cannot be avoided by USSR although it depicts the naked mythological heroine. A stamp attracts attention of the stamps collectors till today.

USSR Stamp: Titian - The Danae

Erotic Balthus stamps

There is one more provocative stamp, the theme of which is nudity. This is France 1982 French Art stamp featuring “The Turkish Chamber” by Balthus (Balthasar Klossowski) – a French painter in the second half of 20th century, famous for his scandalous works.

Many of his paintings show young girls in an erotic context. Balthus’ pictures appeared not only on French stamps but on postal art issued by other countries. FindYourStampsValue.com invites our readers to appreciate an extraordinary beauty of a female body with this extravagant stamp issue that amazes with its elegance of style and originality.

French Republic Post: Balthus - Nude Girl

Nude female gracious forms on stamps depicting famous sculptures

Two Romanian stamps depicting nude Eve

Eve is the most famous female biblical figures who often appears on the pieces of Western art. This woman has inspired hundreds of artists to create the real masterpieces. Some of these works were depicted on the stamps issued by different countries.

One of such philatelic issues was presented by Brazil and Romanian Post that illustrate the two Eve works, belonging to Gheorghe Leonida and the Brazilian sculptor Victor Brecheret.

 Romanian Post: two Eve sculptures

The sculpture that appeared on one of these great philatelic items depict woman’s nude body rendered in a graceful manner with her hair in a bun, slightly bent over the apple she holds. The other item also shows the mother of mankind. The image is remarkable for its dynamic composition that was created due to the different orientation of the head and torso.

Nude female figure holding the Ankh…

This great item that can be also included into the category “Nude stamps” was created by Austria Post and is dedicated to 125 years of the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Austria Post: Nude female figure holding the Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life, in her hand

The image that has appeared on this item was taken from high up on the north wall of the museum’s stairwell. It is a mural, entitled “Egypt”, that shows a nude female figure holding the Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life, in her hand. The stamp amazes with its unique style and the originality of its design.

Nudity in art – a special stamp by Monaco Post

Monaco Post is one of the countries that have chosen nudity as one of its main themes for the stamp issues that become popular among stamp collectors worldwide.

Monaco Post: La nymphe Salmacis

This particular item depicts La nymphe Salmacis, a work by Monegasque sculptor François-Joseph Bosio. This work is part of the collections of the Louvre. The stamp issued by Monaco Post depicts the exact copy of the original sculpture: a nude young woman wearing a floral wreath.

There was no sex in the USSR, except for nudity depicted on stamps

Soviet Union nude stamps… This phrase should sounds a little bit weird to all those who are familiar with the history of USSR. Everyone knows the legendary comment of Liudmila Ivanova (Soviet Union journalist): “There is no sex in USSR”.

An American asked about sex in the Soviet Union.  Ms. Ivanova intended to say "There is no sex in the USSR... there is love," but the last words were cut off of the broadcast. However, there is some truth in this phrase as the Soviet people of the 1980’s were deprived of short skirts, heavy make-up, cleavage and sexy lingerie. It was considered to be shameful to discuss or to teach basic knowledge of sexuality and forms of contraception.

So, the stamps issued by Soviet Union Post that depicted some nude female forms were extraordinary at this time, but at the same time they attracted the attention of publicity at the first onset. Here are some examples of some provocative philatelic items issued at the time.

USSR: Moscow Olympic Games - beautiful female gymnast in a moment as she is making one of her gracious moves

USSR: Moscow Olympic Games USSR: Moscow Olympic Games

Some stamps by the USSR Post containing erotic motives were issued on the occasion of the Olympic Games. For example, this item depicts beautiful female gymnast in a moment as she is making one of her gracious moves. There were a range of such philatelic items with some motives of erotism and it remains a mystery till today how Soviet censorship could allow such stamps to be printed.

Homoerotic art celebrated by Finnish Post

One of the most scandalous stamps issues on the theme of nudity was presented by Finnish Post. This set of commemorative stamps featuring homoerotic artwork from Touko Laaksonen, or “Tom of Finland” — a late Finnish artist who remains an iconic figure of contemporary gay culture.

One of the most scandalous stamps issues on the theme of nudity was presented by Finnish Post

Before Tom of Finland, homoerotic art was subversive and shameful. To change this situation Itella Post introduced a special stamp issue containing playful, openly pornographic depictions of gay men having a great time together. These stamps evoked a real scandal not only in the philatelic circle but also among postal users worldwide.

Erotic photos of supermodel Doutzen Kroes on the stamps by PostNL

One of the latest issues dedicated to the theme “Nudity in stamps” was introduced by PostNL. These are ten extremely pretty and seductive stamps depicting supermodel Doutzen Kroes in a series of poses. The photos were taken by Anton Corbijn and show the extremely attractive model in all her beauty.

Seductive stamps depicting supermodel Doutzen Kroes in a series of poses taken by Anton Corbijn

The issue has become a real hit among stamp collectors and the judges of fine art of photography. The raisin of the design of these ten original stamps is blue circles in a playful manner to make reference to the different variations on the fashion theme.

Ten commemorating Dutch model Doutzen Kroes by PostNL


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