Polish street art goes larger and larger

September 25th, 2014

FindYourStampsValue.com got to know that on the 26th of September this year a stamp in the form of a block with a theme "Street Art" will be put into circulation by Polish Post. The stamp was designed by Robert Duczkowski. The mural depicted on this item was created by street art artist , Natalia Rak.

Polish street artist, Natalia Rak, created this piece entitled, The Legend of Giants, a young girl in traditional Polish garb, watering a local tree. Rak seems to have broken through a lot of trends in public art as of late, adding a clearly present feminine emotion to her work, essentially telling a story.

An exaggerated soft-tone fills the side of this 4-story building, almost as if the piece had brush strokes, not sprayed. Which feels unfamiliar when compared to the more mechanical or deconstructed work tht can be seen today.

Most of the recent projects by Rak and other famous polish street artists, known collectively as "Etam", have been commissioned by local city festivals, which have given the artists permission to paint without worry about being caught or prosecuted.

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