Presidents on Stamps – remarkable stamp issues to be remembered and collected

June 10th, 2017

US Post has a unique philatelic tradition: each year it celebrates and commemorates an American President on a postage stamp. This tradition is very old and was introduced 160 years ago. The first Presidents who were commemorated with the philatelic items were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

In each period of the American history different variations of presidential portraits appeared on the faces of US postage stamps. These items remind us about the significance of these influential people for the USA as well as for the whole world.

These very important philatelic items have been popular among stamp collectors from the times of first stamp issuance till today. These are various stamps bearing portrayals of such outstanding presidents as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln etc. A stamp collector should remember one important rule of the USA Post Office: only ill or dead presidents can be honored with stamps. However, later the tradition was changed and the portraits of American presidents made their first appearances on U.S. postage for very different reasons.

There are currently four living former Presidents of the USA (George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, in order from oldest to youngest), as well as the current President Barack Obama.

They have not been honored with commemorative stamp issues yet because of the USA and some other countries postal rule that consists in the following: the living person cannot be depicted on a commemorative stamp! in cooperation with has prepared very interesting article that will tell you everything about presidents’ images on stamps.

If you have the philatelic items with presidents depicted on them and are eager to determine their current value and rarity, this article is must read by you.

In case you are experienced stamp collector, it would be quiet interesting for you to get to know something new and exciting from this field.