Santa's magic holiday highlighting by Canada Post

November 4th, 2014 is glad to inform that Canada Post released a series of stamps featuring the trio of Santa stamps and painting of Virgin and Child. Canada Post blends the playful and magical essence of the holidays with the sacred tradition of Christmas with its latest holiday stamp issue. The stamps were put into circulation on the 27th of October.

For 2014, the ever-popular holiday issue will strike a chord with Canadians from coast to coast and bring a smile to the recipients of the millions of holiday cards sent and received each year by Canadians.

The issue features three whimsical and colourful depictions of Santa Claus, a symbol of the holidays for much of the world. Santa stamps are available for domestic, U.S. and international rates. Each stamp shows Santa performing his many important tasks.

"In each of the three figures, the kindness and generosity of Santa emerges", says stamp designer Hélène L'Heureux. "Whether he's answering letters, handing out gifts, or simply expressing peace and serenity, Santa is endearing, merry and timeless".

The fourth stamp in the issue – a Permanent TM domestic stamp – features a beautiful detail that shows a classic 17th century painting of the Virgin and Child. The painting is part of the collection at Basilica Cathedral Notre-Dame de Québec in Quebec City. This year's stamp issue recognizes the parish's 350th anniversary.

The festive issue helps Canadians add a special touch to their holiday mailings. Many customers also use custom photo stamps to express themselves during the holidays and for other special occasions.