Secretive symbolic language of stamps. A special romantic stamp unveiled by Swiss Post

October 27th, 2017

The stamps are not just tiny pieces of paper that are used to send letter or postcards; they can be used as a secret language. From 1900 until the 1960s this romantic notion was very popular among lovers.

Is the stamp on the envelope tilted to the right? Or is it even upside-down? In days gone by, lovers could send each other secret messages this way. is glad to present this special romantic stamp by Swiss Post that continues romantic tradition and allows the senders of love notes to express their feelings and to show their special treatment to someone. This “Love” stamp features a beautiful red heart embossed with silver foil and a subtle rose that is one of the most popular symbols of love.

Have you ever wondered why on many old postcards and letters, the stamps are often stuck on at odd angles, sometimes even upside-down? This didn’t happen by chance, but was a part of an elaborate code. Many letters posted in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century had stamps affixed to envelopes and picture postcards in all sorts of odd positions and angles. The place and the exact angle at which a stamp was affixed carried a very clear message to the person receiving the letter or postcard.

And here’s what the main secret messages mean:

  • Stamp straight: Thinking of you all the time.

  • Stamp tilted to the left: The usual meeting place.

  • Stamp tilted to the right: Passionate kisses!

  • Stamp upside-down: I love you.

  • Stamp on its side, tilted down to the left: Forever yours!

  • Stamp on its side, tilted down to the right: I dreamt about you.

  • So, hurry to buy this romantic stamp to send a special postcard with a hidden message to your beloved one!