SingPost welcomes Year of the Dog with a new stamp issue. 3 new stamps introduced

January 7th, 2018 hurries to let our readers know that SingPost has prepared for issuance a new set of three stamps featuring the Chinese zodiac sign for the year, the dog.

Each stamp in this issue contains a graphical illustration of the dog, which is the 11th animal sign in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The stamps were designed using colourful illustrations of a talented artist Mr Leo Teck Chong.

We would also like to remind you that Year of the Dog has been alredy marked by USPS, Guernsey Post, China Post and Åland Post.

Widely celebrated throughout Asia, Lunar New Year is also known as Chinese New Year or the spring festival. There’s much symbolism attached to each New Year on the lunar calendar, and many traditions are followed in hopes of an auspicious start.

The dog became one of the zodiac animals because of its close relationship with people. This animal is faithful, well-disciplined and reliable. China is one of the earliest countries to have domesticated dogs from grey wolves. In Chinese culture, people born during the Year of the Dog are believed to inherit some of the animal’s characteristics, such as loyalty, patience, and reliability.