Snowy owl from Harry Potter appeared on Norway stamp. Three “Birds of Prey” stamps introduced

February 18th, 2018 is glad to let our readers know that Norway Post released a special stamp issue dedicated to “Birds of Prey”. The issue consists of three items, each depicting a bird of prey.

One of the stamps features a snowy owl that is also world known as Hedvig, the tame snowy owl from the Harry Potter films that follows the hero through thick and thin. We invite you to appreciate this bright philatelic release.

So, the first stamp depicts a snowy owl, sitting in the snow. As mentioned above, the snowy owl is best known for its role as Hedvig in the Harry Potter movies, where the owl is a steady companion throughout the years. In reality, the snowy owl spends most of its life in the far north, living and breeding around the Polar Circle. The snowy owl is a rare guest in Norway, but occasionally breeding owls are spotted in the furthest northern-most parts of the country.

The second stamp features the Great Grey Owl that is one of the largest owls out there. This species has fantastic hearing, and it is able to hear the sound of a mouse moving below the snow, from a distance of more than a hundred meters. The owl typically lives in or near pine forests in the north, and is mostly familiar in areas such as Alaska and Siberia. However, it can also be found in the northern parts of Norway, and can be recognized by the different shades of gray and brown.

The last stamp in the set depicts the rough-legged hawk, which is the most common bird of prey in Norway. It is estimated that between 5,000 and 10,000 rough-legged hawks breed in Norway during especially good years. The rough-legged hawk has a very distinct screeching cry, which is a familiar sound to anyone, who tends to hike the mountains. The hawk has been fully protected since 1971.