Special commemorative stamp honoring a great historical city Kyzyl

August 31st, 2014

FindYourStampsValue.com got to know that Russian Post issued a special stamp commemorating the centenary of founding of the city Kyzyl. The stamp depicts the coat of arms of the city of Kyzyl, the National Museum of the Republic of Tyva of Aldan Maadyr and sculpture "Tamer". This issue was released on the 22d of August and is now available for purchasing.

Kyzyl was founded in 1914 and named Belotsarskom. Initially, there was a colonization point for Russian and was a member of Uryankhay edge of the Yenisei province, which after the liberation from the yoke of the Manchu came under Russian protectorate.

In 1918 it was renamed in Belotsarsk Hem-Beldyr (in Tuvan - the confluence of two rivers).

Treaty of Friendship between Tuva and the Soviet Union was signed in 1926. One of the results of this event was renaming Hem-Beldyra in Kyzyl (in Tuvan - red).

Modern Kyzyl is the administrative center of the Republic of Tuva. It is an industrial, transport, scientific, business and cultural center, part of the Association of Siberian and Far Eastern cities.

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