Sports in Greenland. 3 last stamps from the famous series released

January 20th, 2018 is excited to introduce to our readers attention the third and final issue in the series Sports in Greenland. These are three bright stamps that focus on the three characteristic Inuit or Dene sports with a long history - Arm Pull, Two Foot High Kick, and Pole Push.

The entire series has been created by Miki Jacobsen, who has designed stamps for POST Greenland since 1992.

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The sports that appeared on Greenlandic stamps (Arm Pull, Two Foot High Kick, and Pole Push) go back to an earlier era, where physical strength and endurance was of immense importance. The games were often played in the winter, when raging snowstorms and darkness ruled. The games worked as entertainment for the Inuit, but they were also a great way to train and maintain physical skills needed, such as precision, strength, and endurance.

Today the various games are included in the Arctic Winter Games, a bi-yearly event held in the Arctic region, where international competitors fight for glory. The event was held in Greenland in 2016, and it will take place in Canada’s Northwestern Territories this year.