Stamp collections of famous singers are to go on display. John Lennon and Freddie Mercury’s philately posessions are to your attention at Stampex

August 9th, 2016

John Lennon and Freddie Mercury are perhaps the most well-known musicians whose creativity and souldful songs will be remebered by everyone for decades. However, these talented singers were also devoted stamp collectors and have gathered a great number of interesting stamps that will go on display at the Stampex exhibition in London between September 14-17. encourages our readers not to miss such an exciting event and the chance to contemplate the unique collections of the most famous British musicians.

John Lennon’s childhood stamp collection portrays the music legend in a different light to the public persona we saw. He would take stamps off letters sent from New Zealand and America – dreaming of distant shores and adventure. The collection had been a gift from his older cousin Stanley Parkes who had started the collection and passed to Lennon when he was 10. It is clear to see in the book that Lennon erased the name of his cousin out and cheekily added moustaches to cover pictures of Queen Victoria and King George VI.

Freddie Mercury’s childhood stamp collection at the Stampex exhibition in London, September 14-17

Alongside John Lennon's collection sits Freddie Mercury's - displayed in the Court of Honour on the year that would have marked his 70th Birthday. The collection was bought in 1993 by The National Postal Museum, predecessor of The Postal Museum, with all proceeds generously donated to The Mercury Phoenix Trust, an AIDS charity set up to remember Freddie.

Freddie collected stamps between the ages of 9 and 12. His collection focuses on stamps from Zanzibar (where he was born) and the British Empire. It is the unique way that he displayed the stamps which is in itself interesting, Freddie had ordered the stamps by colour, size or type.

Freddie Mercury’s childhood stamp collection at the Stampex exhibition in London, September 14-17