Stamp exhibition on occasion of the 60th birthday of Now Yeovil and District Philatelic Society

September 15th, 2014 got to know that Now Yeovil and District Philatelic Society is celebrating its 60th birthday with a new exhibition at Yeovil Library.

The display includes stamps featuring the head of six British monarchs, including some offerings dating back to the early reign of Queen Victoria. There are also more local collections on display, including stamps of Yeovil Town and Westland Helicopters.

Secretary Dave Bryant is hopeful that these collections will persuade new members to join ahead of the Society's annual fair on Saturday, October 11.

"We have about 40 members at the moment, along with two honorary members, who have been with the society since the beginning", he says.

"In the days before computers and the internet, it was a great way to learn about geography and different countries".

"It was just something I fell into when I was looking for a hobby".

Dave's personal collection contains English stamps dating from 1929 to 2011. He said that he stopped collecting more recent editions because "they've been printing them like wallpaper" and are therefore less valuable.

Philatelists like Dave look to increase their collections by bidding in auctions, with online auctions becoming increasing popular.