Stamp issue by Vatican Post highlighting Pope Francis’ reflections and homilies

February 1st, 2015

According to info received By Vatican Post is to issue a special stamp of set paying a special tribute to the ministry of Pope Francis. The issue consists of four stamps that are to be launched on the 19th of February.

The 0.80 cent value shows the Holy Father smiling during the General Audience of 21 May 2014, when during his catechesis he thanked the Holy Spirit for the gift of knowledge. He said knowledge is not only about understanding the laws that regulate nature and the universe, but also appreciating the greatness and love of God and his profound relationship with every creature.

On the 0.95 cent postage stamp, the Holy Father tenderly caresses a newborn during the General Audience of 4 June 2014. A few days later, Pope Francis spoke again on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, focusing on piety. This gift is not to be identified with having compassion for someone; rather, it indicates our belonging to God and our profound relationship with Him.

The image on the 2.30 euro postage stamp is from 29 June 2014, since ancient times, the day the Church of Rome celebrates the Apostles Peter and Paul. In his homily, Pope Francis recalled how they both welcomed Christ's love and let themselves be transformed by his mercy, becoming brothers first, and then martyrs. God is always able to transform us, and if by chance we were to fall into serious sin and the dark night of the soul, He can forgive us all, transforming our a dawn of light.

The darkness into3.00 euro postage stamp shows the Pope gathered in prayer on the Assumption of Our Lady on 15 August 2013, the day he recalled a beautiful meditation on Mary Most Holy from the Second Vatican Council: "The immaculate Virgin preserved free from all stain of original sin, was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory, when her earthly lite was over, and exalted by the Lord as Queen over all things".