Rankings 2014

November 18th, 2013

Though the year 2013 isn’t finished yet, we can tell with certainty that it brought to the world a lot of interesting stamps and will find the worthy candidates for its traditional and new philatelic rankings.

In this article the news portal announces following ranking categories to evaluate the best stamps in the world issued in the year 2013:

1. Most popular stamps 2013 by our users’ opinion, scheduled on beginning of February 2014. You can vote for your favourite stamps exposed on our site to support your country up to the end of December 2013.

2. Worldwide Post offices in Social Media 2014: Facebook, to be issued in mid-May 2014. If you represent Post Offices worldwide, don’t forget to send us links to your webpages, if you are our follower, your links would also help us not to omit or lose your country.

3. Top countries by results of the year 2013 (beginning of June, 2014), which is awarded to countries that have the highest numbers of newly released stamps and the activities related to this. Also, we will take into account how user-friendly we think the Post Office websites and online shops are for philatelists and its website traffic.

We will be grateful to representatives of Post Offices for the provided exact numbers and links to web shops, if they are available.
This ranking category demonstrates which countries have active Postal authorities and shows that stamp-collecting prospers despite the pessimistic forecast of some philatelic experts that the philately is slowly dying out.

4. The most important stamps (end of June 2014) category is awarded to stamps dedicated to the socially-significant events have been issued during the year.

5. The most touching stamps (mid-July 2014) category is awarded to stamps with a funny design. These can be stamps dedicated to cartoon or comic-strip characters. This ranking focuses on children. However, there is no doubt that they will also gladden the eye of adult philatelists.

6. The most interesting sport-themed stamps (end of July 2014) category is awarded to stamps issued for celebrating some sporting events or achievements.

7. The most extraordinary stamps (mid-august 2014) category is awarded to originally designed stamps. Generally, we give this award to stamps and stamp series that have amazed us. This may include extraordinary forms of stamps, special materials, or unique print methods used.


To participate in the rankings please send us the following information via e-mail at

1. name of the ranking you would like to participate in;
2. brief description of story of the stamp (or series of stamps);
3. high-quality illustration of the stamps;
4. date of issue;
5. contact information;
6. your additional questions, notes and suggestions.