Stamps collector – the modern joy of philatelist

March 10th, 2014

Probably some of the philatelists still remember their fathers showing them with thrill the first stamp albums. Neatly arranged by categories, small and large stretches of colorful paper with images of birds, animals, prominent scientists, athletes and astronauts. Each stamp had its own history and its own value. Those albums with stamps used to take top place in the collectors' ranking.

The game "Stamps collector" is a simulation of the collector-philatelist with real images of once existed and actual postage stamps. Now you have the opportunity to buy digital copies of rare stamps and their real series, share them with other users of the "Stamps collector" game and expose your precious samples on auction.

The "Stamps collector" application is not only a full-fledged album, which helps the owner to arrange stamps in his own way, but also a shopping tool.

News. Here you will learn about new promotions regularly organized by the developers. Sale of rare stamps or launch of the next update - all these news are available in the section.

Collection. No doubt, this is the most visually interesting menu item of the "Stamps" application. Here you will store the acquired stamps automatically laid out in the catalog, comprising several albums.

The range of albums is regularly updated and the number of stamps is expanded. It is to emphasize the "Rare stamps album", the "Individual album", where you can manually locate the stamps at your will and the "Postmarks album" with quite extraordinary postmarks "Groundhog Day", "Mardi gras" and "Saint Valentine's Day". The "Individual album" and the "Postmarks album" are only available in the full version of the application.

Stamps collector screenshot

For each postage stamp the detailed description is available: history of origin, use timelines, information on the depicted plant, animal or biography of the outstanding personality. Here you can also find its price on the "internal market" of the "Stamps collector" game.

If you wish, the stamp can be sold or resent to a friend by the internal email service. Keep in mind that the stamp exists in your album in a single copy and once sent it will disappear from the collection.

Stamps collector screenshot

Mail. This is the real center of business correspondence. Here you will get information about nice bonuses and keep in touch with the owners of the collector's enviable heritage.

Shop. This menu item can significantly improve your ability of philatelist-amateur by investing real money. Purchasing of the app's "Full Version" allows you to get additional theme packages and avoids the hype. Besides, you are able to buy a purse of coins, which you can immediately spend on buying "stamps packages" of various subjects.

Stamps collector screenshot

Auction. Get ready, you're on a real auction with fierce bidding, unprecedented choice of the rarest collection samples of stamps and the widest range of prices. All lots are divided into several categories: "Gold", "Silver", "General" and "Rare." Of course, these are distinguished by price and number of available lots put up for sale by other users. The same menu item enables you to add your own lot, specifying the auction time and the price. In short, it's all like in reality, but don't forget you're in game.

Main Post Office. In the "Collector" game the Main Post Office performs the following function: with game's coins or real dollars you can get the rarest stamps of different subjects. Stamps marking any calendar events must be purchased as soon as possible - a few days later, after sales, their price will increase tenfold.

Games. Despite the fact that the "Stamps collector" is a game, its developers provided the opportunity to digress with benefit. Playing the "Guessing", "Quiz" or "Safe", you get a chance to win some coins and one additional stamp. Higher the level of difficulty for the selected game, more generous trophy you get if you win!

Lottery. Do you believe in luck? If so, be sure to get a lottery ticket and participate in the draw having a very impressive prize fund, which is enough to purchase several stamps on display at the auctions. With a ticket price of 50 coins you have the opportunity to win a lot of 1000, 750 or 225 coins.

Forum. If you have any questions on the implementation of transactions or if you wish to discuss the sale/purchase of rare stamps - welcome to the forum!

The "Wall of Fame" is also available in the "Stamps collector". Only the most active and determined collectors get into the list of the best philatelists. More series of stamps you put together, higher your score is. By the moment of this article's issue, the leader of the game managed to collect 64 stamps series.


iPhone and iPad:

Andriod: Attention! Special bonus from the developers of the "Stamps collector" game: send the code word "StampNews" to the ADMIN user by in-game email and get 300 extra coins on your account!