Subtle scent of jasmine flowers emanating from stamps… New "Scented Flowers of Malaysia" series released

March 14th, 2016

Scented stamps are very popular among collectors and real stamp enthusiasts. It inspires Malaysia Post to issue the continuation of its "Scented Flowers of Malaysia" series featured in 2001.The fresh, subtle scent of jasmine flowers lightly covers a miniature sheet from the newly launched "Scented Flowers Series 2" – these philatelic items are to be real hit among stamp collectors. encourages our readers to appreciate these originally-designed stamps.

The 'Scented Flowers Series 2' features four stamp flowers including the Bread Flower (Kesidang), Yellow Saraca (Gapis), Cannonball Flower (Peluru Meriam), and lastly the Cape Jasmine (Bunga Cina) stamp miniature sheet infused with the flower's scent.

The limited edition series features the bread flower, yellow saraca, cannonball flower and the cape jasmin.

"The miniature sheet's jasmine scent is mixed together with the ink, then printed onto the sheet, but it's not the first time we have had scented stamps. The first was the scent of kaffir lime.

“We worked together with Universiti Putra Malaysia as their experts helped us with our decision on which flowers to choose during the selection process, by giving us detailed information on the different species that grow around Malaysia.

"So we picked flowers based on their attractive appearance and pleasant scents", she said.
Rubbing the surface of the miniature sheet will let off its jasmine scent, which can usually last for years if kept well and not overused.