Swami Ekrasanand Saraswati – one of the most recognized Indian saints

December 15th, 2014

FindYourStampsValue.com got to know that Indian Post has released a special commemorative stamp to honor Swami Ekrasanand Saraswati. The philatelic issue consists of one stamps that was put into circulation on the 4th of December.

Swami Ekrasanand Saraswati was a saint of common man. He always cared for the upliftment of poor and needy. Daivee Sampad Mandal was founded by Swami Ekrasanand Saraswatiji at Sri Ekrasanand Aashram, Mainpuri, UP. Daivee Sampad Mandal is a Socio-Spiritual organization committed to the revival and upliftment of Vanvasis and Tribals. "Sarva Bhoot Hite Ratah" meaning welfare of all is its motto. Swami Ekrasanand ji left for heavenly abode on 10th September 1938.

Centenary celebration of Daivee Sampad Mandal held at Mainpuri from 25th November to 6th December 2014 at Sri Ekrasanand Aashram, Mainpuri. A Commemorative Stamp on Swami Ekrasanand Saraswati was released on the occasion of Centenary celebration of Daivee Sampad Mandal on 4th December 2014.

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