Swiss Post delivered two free stamps to each home in Switzerland. A special initiative has been launched

June 26th, 2017 is excited to let our readers know about a special initiative launched by Swiss Post: recently it has delivered two free stamps to each of the more than four million households in Switzerland.

The campaign was organized as part of an agreement with the price regulator.

“The distribution of the stamps was agreed with the price regulator in summer 2016 within the scope of a consensual arrangement comprising price savings and streamlining for both private and business customers,” explained the Swiss postal service in a statement issued on May 22.

“The agreement is being implemented in stages, and began in early 2017. As a result of the agreement, the prices for domestic A and B Mail letters, which were last increased in 2004, and for domestic parcels, also remained unchanged. Additional customer benefits include a price reduction for the SMS postage stamp from CHF 1.20 to CHF 1, effective since Jan. 1, 2017.”

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