• January 4th, 2018

    Eugenio Espejo National Award marked with a stamp. One special item introduced by Ecuador Post!

    FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to let our readers know that Ecuador Post has introduced into postal circle a special stamp dedicated to Eugenio Espejo National Award. This is the national prize of the nation of Ecuador, which is conferred by the President of Ecuador. So who is Eugenio Espejo and what is the prize bearing his name awarded for? Let get to know this exciting info in this piece of n ...
  • November 3rd, 2017

    Darwin and Wolf Sanctuary marked with stamps. 8 special items released by Ecuador Post

    FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to let our readers know that Ecuador Post has released a special philatelic booklet of 8 stamps dedicated to the Darwin and Wolf Sanctuary in order to preserve and protect its cultural and tourist heritage. A total of 3,000 booklets containing eight postage stamps with images of the sanctuary entered the postal circulation. The government of Ecuador announced the ...
  • December 30th, 2015

    100 years of UPAEP celebrated by Ecuador Post. Stop to human trafficking!

    The UPAEP is celebrating their 100 years anniversary this year and it has been commemorated by many stamp issues from the UPAEP member countries. This year's America-UPAEP issue is dedicated to supporting the fight against human trafficking, which is particularly severe in the case of children in America and women in Europe, who are brought from countries in Eastern Europe and Africa through decei ...
  • November 10th, 2015

    Legendary literally hero Don Quixote on famous Ecuadorian works of art! New creative stamp issue released!

    Are you familiar with the classic scene from Don Quixote where the main character attacks the windmills, mistaking them as giants? Yes, everyone is familiar with this scene, as Don Quixote is a legendary literally hero that is well-known worldwide. This character is meaningful in Spanish culture and is honored with different works of art. Don Quixote appeared on many pictures written by famous Ecu ...
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  • November 25th, 2014

    Orchid as a symbol of beauty and strength

    The graceful and exotic Orchid represents beauty and strength, so what a better choice for a joint issue of Israel and Ecuador. The stamp aims to emphasize the breathtaking beauty of each country and the strengthen of the connection between them. The stamp will be put into circulation on the 16th of December. Ecuador will be issuing the same design next year. The Bee Orchid (Ophrys fuciflora) belo ...
  • September 25th, 2014

    450 years of Luis Vernaza hospital

    According to info got by FindYourStampsValue.comVernaza Luis Hospital Guayaquil Welfare Board in cooperation with the Ecuador Post issued two stamps to commemorate 450 years of its service in Ecuadorian society. The two stamps were released during special ceremony that celebrated the anniversary of this hospital. The event was held on the 10th of September at the Auditorium of the Hospital, where ...
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  • September 4th, 2014

    Latin American Parliament as a symbol of the people's unity

    FindYourStampsValue.com got to know that Ecuador Pots has issued a new stamp issue on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Latin American Parliament. The ceremony of celebration took place on the 29 August in Canton Antonio Ante in Imbabura. At the ceremony, the president of the National Assembly Gabriela Rivadeneira, said that the unity of the people of Latin America and the Caribbean is the k ...
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  • June 30th, 2014

    Brazil 2014: New Issue Honors the Ecuadorian National Football Team

    Two stamps and one souvenir sheet with the name "Tribute to the Ecuadorian National Team. Brazil 2014" was issued by Correos del Ecuador on 18 June, in the city of Guayaquil. The stamps have face values of $ 0.50 to $ 3; the face value of the souvenir sheet is $ 5. 150,000 copies of each stamp is made and 10,000 leaf, all printed in the Military Geographic Institute in Quito, on paper with waterma ...
  • June 7th, 2014

    Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in America

    On Tuesday May 27, 2014 during the event called IV Regional Platform of the Americas, held in the city of Guayaquil, was a new postmark presented: "Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in America." The issue consists of a stamp with a face value of US1.00, plus 300,000 copies were printed the same that were printed by the Military Geographic Institute. Stamps can be purchased at all the a ...
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  • May 25th, 2014

    Stamp issue in honor of the World Postal Day

    The Ecuadorian Philatelic Association in conjunction with Correos del Ecuador, presented on Thursday, May 22 a new postage stamp celebrating "World Day of Philately". The event was held at the headquarters of the Philatelic Association and attended by many activists. The importance of philatelic activity and the need for the postal issues became to develop thanks to the commitment of General Manag ...
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