• October 24th, 2014

    Universal Postal Union's 140th anniversary is marked by issuing a variety of philatelic items

    FindYourStampsValue.com got to know that on occasion of Universal Postal Union's (UPU) 140th anniversary several Posts around the world are marking the UPU's 140th anniversary by issuing a variety of philatelic items. Founded by 22 countries in 1874 in Berne, Switzerland, the intergovernmental organization now has 192 member countries and has been a specialized agency of the United Nations since 1 ...
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  • September 22nd, 2014

    The last country participating in joint issue has introduced its stamp

    FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to inform That Austria Post has joined to other countries in issuing a special commemorative stamp honoring the Fussach messengers. This stamp is to be issued on the 27th of September. The other countries will introduce their stamps from this series also on this day. "Fussach messengers" is joint issue with Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Fussach messeng ...
  • September 9th, 2014

    Musical stamps in form of vinyl discs

    FindYourStampsValue.com got to know that Swiss Post introduced a new series of original stamps that have form and function of vinyl discs. This original stamp issue was already put into circulation. A piece of music has been imprinted on the "record" part of the souvenir sheet using a special coating. When you take the circular, ready-for-postage stamp off the souvenir sheet and place it on your r ...
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  • August 27th, 2014

    Garfield will amuse the people on new stamps by Swiss Post

    According to info got by FindYourStampsValue.com, Swiss Post is to release a new colorful series of stamps featuring a hero from famous comic serial "Garfield". These items will be available for purchasing from the 4th of September. In the words of Garfield, probably the world's most famous comic cat, "All I do is eat and sleep. [...] There must be more to a cat's life than this. But I hope not." ...
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  • August 19th, 2014

    45th anniversary UNPA Geneva – new personalized sheet is to be introduced by UNPA

    According to the information got by FindYourStampsValue.com that on 12 September 2014, UNPA will issue a new personalized stamp sheet to mark the 45 Anniversary of UNPA Geneva. The sheet illustrates ten stamps and a great monument that is situated in Geneva. On 11 December 1968, an agreement between the United Nations and the Swiss Postal Telephone and Telegraph Enterprise (PTT) enabled the Geneva ...
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  • July 30th, 2014

    Wild life of Switzerland – new stamp issue

    Swiss Post is launching a new series of stamps entitled "Wildlife". The set comprises four stamps featuring species found in the Swiss National Park, the Val Müstair and throughout the rest of Switzerland, namely the mouse weasel, the Alpine marmot, the spotted nutcracker and the red deer. Mouse weasel - Least weasels from various parts of its range vary greatly in size. The body is slender and el ...
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  • June 6th, 2014

    Stamp competition SwissSkills Berne 2014 – the finalists are determined

    In numerous projects involving young creative people, each of the professional associations has designed a stamp depicting the skills of their professional groups. The amazing submissions were featured in the first edition of Focus on Stamps. The voting is now over and, of the eleven designs entered for the "Stamp" project, the following four are now in the final. Each of the eleven designs is a sma ...
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  • May 22nd, 2014

    Joint Issue Switzerland-Russia – Zytglogge (Berne Clock Tower) and Kazansky Tower

    Russia and Switzerland have maintained diplomatic relations for 200 years. During the Second World War, those relations were briefly severed, but were restored after the war ended and have been stable ever since. In recent decades, diplomatic relations have taken on a different dimension, and can now be described as a long-term partnership. The two countries are forging ever closer ties and contac ...
  • May 13th, 2014

    Renewable Energy stamp from Switzerland

    Swiss post issued a stamp promoting the use of renewable energy. Switzerland wants to abandon nuclear energy and minimize its consumption of fossil fuels. It also plans to reduce its dependence on energy generated abroad. This will create new jobs. Various strategies are in place for this energy revolution, which make plans up until 2050. However, the plans will only succeed if the various measure ...
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  • March 11th, 2014

    Mushrooms featured on new stamps by Switzerland

    The Swiss love their mushrooms... Picking edible mushrooms such as morel, porcini and chanterelles is a popular leisure pursuit in Switzerland. This is putting pressure on the mushroom populations of our forests, prompting many cantons to introduce picking restrictions. However, humans only pick the fruiting body; the major part of the mushroom, with its root-like filaments, lives concealed underg ...