The beauty of corals marked with a new issue by British Antarctic Territory. 4 captivating stamps introduced

November 22nd, 2017

Corals are tiny and very captivating organisms that capture people’s attention with their amazing natural beauty, variety of forms, the number of colors and shades. They provide a habitat for hundreds of marine species and other fauna with the most incredible shapes and colors.

To mark the beauty and importance of corals for the ecosystem BAT Post has presented to collectors’ attention four bright stamps depicting four most extraordinary corals that can be found on the ocean bottom. also invite you to enjoy the beauty of corals represented by stamps issued by Tokelau PostChunghwa and  Malaysia Postal Services.

Sea corals have amazing features. For example, they are capable of photosynthesis (taking energy from light, water and carbon dioxide) like plants. This is due to the unicellular alga that lives in their tissues. During the day corals function like plants, and at night – like animals. Another amazing feature is their ability to glow when they get under ultraviolet rays or when they are illuminated with a blue light.

To date there are many hundreds of coral species identified in the British Antarctic Territory; a number of which are new to science. The stamps issued by BAT Post feature the bewildered array of creature that finds their home in the vibrant, complex community of coral gardens.

One of the stamps depicts an amazing brittlestar – an interesting creature that has skinny, spiny arms! Science is just beginning to understand the interactions between corals and their inhabitants. More research is required to understand how corals in the Southern ocean breed, when, how this is initiated, and, importantly, how the future warming of this cool ocean will impact this important habitat.