The Christmas Mail 2017 stamp released by Slovakia Post. A special item introduced

November 18th, 2017

Two decades ego Slovakia Post launched a special project to spread Christmas atmosphere all around the world. This project is called The Christmas Mail. To underline the importance of this long-standing and so popular tradition Slovakia Post has released a special stamp featuring a cheerful snowman that welcomes Christmas. invites everyone to appreciate a bright design of this original item!

We also encourages you to get acquainted with the previous Christmas Mail stamps issued by Slovakia Post in 2016, 2015, 2014.

So, what is the gist of this project? Over this period, children’s Christmas wishes and drawings from all over the world are delivered to the address “999 99 Ježiško” in Rajecká Lesná, where the official mailbox of the Baby Jesus is located. The letters are received mainly from Europe and Asia. Baby Jesus’ helpers answer every child and send a cute gift along with the letter. Besides Slovak and English, they also reply in Braille.

This year`s stamp features the picture created one of selected child’s drawing that was received in last year’s Christmas Mail. The drawing depicts a joyful and cheerful snowman that welcomes Christmas. This picture was made by Barbora Ďuríková. The snowmen drawn by Sofia Tadanaiová and Viktória Csábiová appeared on FDC and FDC cancellation.  All three girls go to the Rozmarínová Street Primary School in Komárno.