The finest known 2c Pan-American invert has smashed its estimate at an auction. The price realized is US$170,000!

October 10th, 2016 hurries to share the latest auction news with our readers. This one will inform you about the finest known 2c Pan-American invert stamp that was sold for US$170,000 against a US$55,000 valuation at latest Hanover Collection of Superb Quality US Stamps sale at Robert A Siegel in New York.

With its full original gum, it is the only one of the 64 surviving error singles to have achieved a grade of "Superb 98". The six Pan-American denominations were unveiled at the 1901 Pan-American Expo in Buffalo, New York, with each depicting a different form of modern transport.

The stamp was released for the 1901 Pan-American exposition. It showcases the American technological advances. 1901 Pan-American exposition was held at buffalo, which was known for the better railroad connections. Hence, the stamp commemorating the Pan-American exposition depicts the image of railway engine. The 2c Pan-American invert was printed accidently due to complexities involved in printing and sent out to US post offices. Few stamps remained in the circulation and find the way to the collector's pocket.

Aside from the stamps, the Pan-American Expo was notable for the assassination of President William McKinley within the grounds.

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