The first augmented reality stamps introduced by Singaporean Post

July 13th, 2015 would like to share the interesting information with our readers. SingPost will launch its first augmented reality stamps to celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee and Singapore hosting the World Stamp Exhibition for the first time.

Stamps are colourful works of art used as a mode of payment for postage and for collectors, they are an age old hobby. They are an integral part of Singapore, functioning as miniature ambassadors of the country ‒ a window to its milestones and quirky characteristics.

From stamps that whet our appetite, to the world's first beaded stamp, to stamps that come with seeds to grow plants ‒ it is no surprise that technology has now found its way onto these little pieces of paper.

The SG50 special collector's sheets are best enjoyed using an app called "MARC". A person would just need to do scan the stamp with the app and a video montage would appear.

Said SingPost's assistant vice-president of philatelic and stamps, Ms Peggy Teo: "SingPost is always trying to reinvent itself and we are always looking out for new novel ways to make stamps more interesting.

"Because this year is a very special year, we wanted to bring history to life through this small piece of stamp. Using the augmented reality, we then could have the history of Singapore, our Singapore story told through this tiny little stamp. And with the video, the montage, our history, what we have developed, basically the whole Singapore story comes to life from these sets of stamps".
"With stamps, we are able to communicate with one another at very good, reasonable rates - cheaply, efficiently ‒ that allows communication between people, between businesses, between countries", said Ms Tresnawati Prihadi, general manager of the Singapore Philatelic Museum. "So imagine sharing innovation, new findings of technology".

Singapore's first post-independence stamps were issued on Aug 9, 1966. The set of three showcased a young nation with three fundamentals: Workers, Factory and Housing.

"Just by looking at the stamps, you know what were the challenges at that time", said Ms Prihadi. "It’s really a scene of a multi-racial workforce with a backdrop of factories, HDB blocks and a ship. We needed to build housing for people, we needed to industrialize to provide jobs for our people and the port; Singapore has always been an entrepot, so we continue to build on the port as well".
Stamps have become a snapshot of Singapore's economic, social and political development, travelling far and wide in the pre-internet era. Even in the internet age, they still have their place, as parcel mail replaces letters as the predominant mail type.

One of the SG50 stamp sheets launched by SingPost

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