“The Holly and the Ivy” as one of the most popular Christmas carols! 7 beautiful festive stamps introduced by Alderney Post

November 6th, 2017

The theme of Alderney Christmas 2017 stamp set is a popular Christmas Carol, The Holly and the Ivy. This is one of the best known and the most popular Christmas songs whose tunes can be heard in many British homes during the festive season.

FindYourStampsValue.com invites everyone to feel the festive atmosphere of Christmas and take a look at this exquisite stamp issue!

Carols have been an inseparable part of Christmas festive tradition since the Middle Ages. Nowadays nobody can imagine the winter holidays without the sweet tunes of festive carols that can be heard in each British home. In Pagan times, long before the birth of Christianity, homes were customarily decorated in winter with evergreens taken from the surrounding landscape. Holly and Ivy were among the plants that adorned everyone’s dwelling.

Holly and Ivy are the plants that were also used to ward off evil spirits and to celebrate new growth. Today people from around the world keep the use of the greenery as decorations giving it Christian meanings. However, many Church Fathers do not accept such decorations and regard this tradition to be a pagan one.

Nowadays these beautiful plants acquired special symbolic meanings. The holly is widely associated with the Crown of Thorns that the Savior will wear during His Passion. In its turn, perennially green ivy symbolizes fidelity and immortality or eternal life in Christ.