The stamp exhibition dedicated to remarkable stamps of Iceland

April 30th, 2014

The stamp exhibition Merkileg merki  (Remarkable stamps) which opened in Gerðuberg Cultural Centre on April 12th will run until 20 June. The exhibition includes works by Þröstur Magnússon, who was for several years a very productive stamp designer and illustrator. The exhibition emphasizes on providing information about stamps and stamp collecting, and visitors can dicover the complete 2013 issues and the first series 2014 issues of Icelandic stamps. Between 1977 and 2001, Þröstur Magnússon designed 204 stamps. All of his creations were worked by hand, making them even more special than today's designs which are usually computer-made.

The exhibition is intended for the general public, children especially. However, collectors will most certainly enjoy it too. The stamps are presented in an innovative way, and the exhibition also features sketches and drawings by Þröstur, property of Claes Arnrup from Postiljonen in Sweden. Also shown are steel plates with etchings by Martin Mörck along with the styles used for the work. The history of stamps and philately is explained in a simple, intelligible way. A young collector's private collection is on display, as well as the tools indispensable to stamp collecting.

Visitors can participate in turning the world map into a giant mosaic made from foreign stamps provided especially for the project. They can even get their photo taken as portraits on a stamp through a passe-tête. School children will be taken around the exhibition and offered a special guided tour, one of the purposes of the exhibition being to increase the younger generation's interest towards stamps and raise the children's awareness of how remarkable stamps really are.

The groups of children who visit the exhibition take part in an exciting project which involves experiencing the whole postal process for themselves: the idea is to write yourself a postcard or letter using a special Merkilega merkið mitt (My special stamp) stamp, put the letter in a mailbox set up especially for the exhibition, then just wait for the letter to be delivered at home. This will hopefully give the children a better understanding of how the postal service operates, as well as a nice and fun memory of the sending.

Gerðuberg Cultural Centre is open from 8-18 on weekdays and from 13-16 on weekends. Please take notice that the exhibition will be closed over Easter and on weekends in June.

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