Titanic-addressed parcel label is expected to make US$14,500 at Mossgreen Auctions. The most exciting philatelic news is to your attention

November 28th, 2016

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to share the latest auction news with our devoted readers. This one is about a parcel label addressed to the Titanic that is to be sold at Mossgreen Auctions in Melbourne on November 29-30. It’s valued at US$14,500.

The package arrived at Southampton the day after the Titanic left

It reads: “Marconi Operator/RMS Titanic/co The White Star Line/Southampton” and was sent on April 11, 1912 – the day after the ship left port.

Five days later the Titanic went down in the mid-Atlantic.

Gary Watson, Mossreen’s director of stamps & postal history, said: “In my opinion, this parcel label is the most evocative and most important postal item associated with the most famous of maritime disasters.”

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