June 14th, 2017

Top 10 MOST EXTRAORDINARY Postage Stamps 2016

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to introduce to our readers’ attention an annual ranking “Top 10 Most Extraordinary Stamps 2016” that was built by our Editorial Team. This year is rich on stamps that will definitely amaze even the experienced collectors with their innovative designs, special printing methods, as well as with their original effects. Although there have been already issued a great variety of stamps the designers did not restrain their imagination while creating the philatelic items of this year.

This ranking contains the most original and extraordinary stamps that have been selected by the team of FindYourStampsValue.com.

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In this article you will find the stamps that have already captured the attention of collectors worldwide and will definitely remain popular for many years.

So, let’s begin our fascinating ranking of “Top 10 Most Extraordinary Stamps 2016”.


#1. Fish skin stamp by Faroe Islands Post

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: First Place - Fish skin stamp by Faroe Islands Post

The First Place of our ranking has gone to the unique stamp issued by Faroe Islands Post. At first glance you may think that this is an average stamp containing the image of fish skin. But, in fact, this item contains the piece of Atlantic Cod Skin – a fish species that is widely widespread on Faroe Islands.  This is a world’s first Fish Skin on a Stamp.

Actually, the skin of this fish is widely used for producing such items as shoes, bags, purses and watchbands. Sewn together, they can also be used in the garment industry and to upholster furniture. And now this original material has found its place on the most extraordinary stamp of the year 2016. To get more details about this issue follow this link.

Although the stamp issued by Faroe Islands Post has extraordinary and fresh design, it isn’t interior to Iceland Eruption Volcanic Stamps in its originality.

The three items issued in 2010 depict the volcanic eruptions on Fimmvörduháls and Eyjafjallajökull, all contain real Volcanic Ash which fell on April 17, 2010. This stamp issue grabbed the attention of philatelists at once and is considered to be one of the most popular stamp releases till today.

#2. Agatha Christie stamps with Hidden Clues by Royal Mail

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Second Place - Agatha Christie stamps with Hidden Clues by Royal Mail

The Second Place has gone to one of the most original stamps releases of the previous year – Agatha Christie stamps by Royal Mail.

It is definitely not a normal stamp issue – not when dominated by the outline of a murder victim. But this stamp release has won rapturous attention from stamp collectors and mystery buffs around the world.  What is so special in these stamps? The items feature hidden elements, relating to key scenes and principal characters. The collectors and detective story lovers can imagine themselves to be real detectives and try to find the hidden clued in the mysterious scenes depicted on stamps using UV light, body heat and good old fashioned detective work – preferably with a magnifying glass.

While not the first time Royal Mail has used these design features on its stamps, it is the first time all three have been combined in a single stamp set. To get acquainted with this issue more detailed follow this link.

#3. Easter 2016: Bobbin Lace stamp by Slovakia Post

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Third Place - Easter 2016 - Bobbin Lace stamp by Slovakia Post

One of the most viewed issues that entered our rating and took the third place is Easter 2016: Bobbin Lace stamp (original news) introduced by Slovakia Post.

The gist of this issue that it contains a real Bobbin Lace in for of a lovely chicken that symbolizes the joy of Easter. Although this lace-making technique dates back at least to the 16th century, it has become quite popular not so long ago. And this original piece of art has found its place on one of the most extraordinary stamps of the year 2017.

#4. Augmented reality Fauna stamps by Slovenia Post

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Fourth Place - Dolphins and Whales by Slovenia Post

The fourth place has been taken by an extraordinary stamp issue presented by Slovenia Post (original news). This is the Augmented reality Fauna stamps depicting cute dolphins and majestic whales.

The main salt of this issue consists in the following: they are printed using UV printing technology, which allows stamp collectors to include an additional image visible in ultraviolet light. Such a printing method adds a special flavor to these four items and makes them more valuable in the eyes of stamp collectors.

Each of the stamps contains an Augmented Reality tracking code which when held in front of a webcam of a smartphone (with a special app installed) will trigger 3D animation and video content. In such a way you can make the pictures on the stamps come alive! Although the videos are in Slovenian language, they are very picturesque and worth watching.

Each of the stamps contains an Augmented Reality tracking code which when held in front of a webcam of a smartphone (with a special app installed) will trigger 3D animation and video content.

The extraordinarity of these stamps has won the fourth place in our ranking.

#5. Two glowing stamps share the fifth place

The fifth place is shared by two glowing in the dark stamps issued by New Zealand Post and Rusmarka. Let’s get acquainted with each of these issues more detailed.

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Fifth Place - Arkhip Kuindzhi by Russian Post

So, the first winning entry introduced by Rusmarka is a stamp dedicated to one of the most famous Russian painters Arkhip Kuindzhi (original news), to be precise it celebrates the 175th of his birth. But the originality of this item is not its theme, but the transparent ink, which glows in the UV radiation, that was used to create the picture of a painter. Such an effect corresponds to the image depicted on a souvenir sheet. The painter’s artistic intention was to create real moonlight and space depth.

In the artist’s opinion, Night on the Dnepr became the main painting of his life. The painting depicted on this original souvenir sheet by Russian Post demonstrates harmonicity and tranquility, as well as simplicity of patterns. The moon shines in the night sky, painting the clouds in a cold light. The moonlight can be seen fluctuate in the waters of Dnepr below.

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Fifth Place - Glowworms stamps by New Zealand Post

The other fifth most extraordinary stamps that amaze collectors with its originality and special effects were created by New Zealand Post.

The items present the awe-inducing insects that are native to New Zealand. These are captivating glowworms that glow in the dark. Accordingly these special items were printed using glow-in-the-dark technology to replicate the effect of glowworms in the wild — simply expose them to sunlight and then step into a dark space to see the stamps light up. These popular collectible stamps (original news) have already found their honorable place in many stamp collections, so be one of the lucky ones to grab these unique items.

#6. The sixth place taken by golden and glittering stamps

The sixth place has gone to two extremely bright and even brilliant stamp issues introduced by Hungarian and Finish Posts.

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Sixth Place - Christmas 2016 by Magyar Posta

The stamps on a miniature sheet released by Magyar Posta were issued to celebrate Christmas. The items depict a lovely couple skating along a heart-shaped heart. But the novelty of this philatelic item consists in the following: it was printed in a gold colour ink. Such a technique made the stamp issue even more creative and captivating.

One more interesting and extraordinary detail that contributes to the originality of this issue is that there is a micro writing in four languages hidden in the skating track - BOLDOG KARÁCSONYT! - MERRY CHRISTMAS - FROHE WEIHNACHTEN! - JOYEUX NOЁL ! - which serves as a security element. Such tasty aspects of this philatelic release made it extremely popular among stamp collectors. You can get acquainted with this issue by following here.

One more stamp that took the seventh place for its originality was released by Finland Post.

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Sixth Place - Winter by Finland Post

This winter item (original news) features a glittering ice crystal that glimmers just like genuine ice crystals. The holographic foil printed on the foil sheet reflects all the colors of the spectrum when light hits it from different angles. Such a color scheme that is complemented by white and blue as additional colours makes this item one of the most extraordinary stamp of the year 2016.

#7. The seventh place – Augmented reality stamps

The seventh place is shared by the innovative Augmented reality stamps. The items were introduced by Ireland and Netherlands Post and both of them have the unique feature – a special barcode after scanning which you may get more information about these stamp releases.

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Seventh Place - Olympic Games 2016 by PostNL

So, the three stamps introduced by PostNL are dedicated to “Olympic Games 2016” – one of the most long-awaited events of the previous year. After scanning the barcode on the stamp sheet, a user gets the access to the latest news about the Dutsch medal winners (original news).

Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Seventh Place - Wild Atlantic Way stamps by Ireland Post

In its turn, four Wild Atlantic Way stamps released by Ireland Post (original news) have this twist too. They feature Augmented reality technology that allows the users of smartphones or tablets to get an additional material about this Irish touristic attraction.

Such special features of both issues provide them with a special philatelic value as well as contribute to their originality.

Three Scented stamps grabbed the 8-10th places

Scented stamps were and remain very popular among stamps collectors. That is why Postal Services from around the world do not cease issuing such items that emanate a sweet smell.

So, in the context of our ranking of “The most extraordinary stamps 2016” we speak about scented stamps presented to collectors attention by Malaysia, Philippines and France Posts. Let’s take a look at each of these issues.


Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Eighth Place - Jasmine Flowers stamps by Malaysia Post

The eighth place in our ranking was taken by Malaysia Post stamps that emanate subtle scent of jasmine flowers. This is a limited edition series that feature four species of flowers and to feel the pleasant odor mentioned above you only need to rub the surface of the miniature sheet.


Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Ninth Place - St. Valentine’s Day by Philippines Post

The ninth place has gone to a bright stamp introduced by PHLPost to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day (original news). The item does not only depict a gracious rose but it also has a smell of this beautiful flower. The stamp was printed on rose-scented paper that adds to an item a special romantic flavor.


Top Extraordinary Stamps 2016: Tenth Place - Championship of European Footballing Nations by France Post

And, finally, the tenth place has gone to the stamp issued by France Post that is dedicated to the final phase of the Championship of European Footballing Nations. The item can boast by several technical innovations. Firstly, it has a round format. And secondly, it was printed with a silver ink.  But above all, this item has a smell of freshly cut grass (original news).

So, this was the ranking of “10 Most Extraordinary Stamps 2016”. All the items described are definitely worth your attention and will take a decent place in your collections!

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