March 21st, 2015

Top 10 most touching postage stamps of 2014 continues to strike our readers with new and fresh rankings. This one aims to acquaint the philatelist from around the world with the top 10 most touching postage stamps of 2014. The potential audience of these stamps are little philatelists and those people that have romantic, heart-warming nature.

This ranking was built according to the evaluations made by the editors team of

Mostly, stamps of such a ranking depict famous characters from the TV programs, children books and tales. This one  is not an exception although there are some philatelic issues that have other themes that deeply touch our feeling and inspire to be good to people that surround us.

#1. USA: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

#1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This series of stamps celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the animated TV special on December 6, 1964, which became so popular that it is still broadcast each year. Each character represents the friendship and love. Much like the modern Santa Claus song, Rudolph's story is for children; more specifically, it is a children's story about overcoming adversity and earning, by personal effort, respect in the adult world. Moreover, the background of this story is very touching .The character 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' was created by a father to bring comfort to his daughter as her mother was dying of cancer.

#2. Royal Mail: Classic Children’s TV stamps

#2. Classic Children’s TV stamps

The Special issue “Classic Children’s TV” by Royal Mail celebrates the 40th anniversary of Bagpuss, considered the most popular British children’s TV character of all time; and the 50th anniversary of The Magic Roundabout, another perennial favourite. While all of these shows were created with young children in mind, they indisputably share the power to entertain adults too.

#3. Japan: Snoopy stamps

#3. Snoopy stamps

The present stamps were released in August by Japan Post. They depict famous fictional characters that are very popular in this country – Snoopy and its friends. "Snoopy is a lovely dog and everyone likes him." The popular character of comics, loved by everyone, became the symbol of friendship, faithfulness and sincerity. It was created by Charles M. Schulz in 1950 and still a lot of people cannot keep from smiling looking at its adventures.

#4. Uzbekistan: “My dream” stamps

#4.  “My dream” stamps

This lovely stamp issue was introduced to the attention of little philatelists by “Uzbekiston Pochtasi”  in June. The stamps that depict children’s drawings were painted by young philatelists  for the special philately contest. To be human is to dream, to think beyond what exists today. The children`s dreams inspire us to be more successful and to do this world better. This is also the aim of this touching philately issue.

#5. German: Hansel and Gretel stamps

#5. Hansel and Gretel stamps

In February German Post issued a stamp series “Hansel and Gretel” with an additional value due to welfare. The items contain the sign of charity that represents five colored dots forming a plus next to a motto – “doing good – help with Stamps”. Hansel and Gretel stamps bring us in the magic world of bravery and real feelings. The story about these two children is sure to delight the people around the world. The stamps are not only amusing and lovely, they aim to help people – that is the most touching aspect of this issue.

#6. Jersey: “My moments” stamps

#6.   “My moments” stamps

“My moments” stamps were released by Jersey Post in October. These items aim to bring a joyous moment evoking a wide range of positive emotions. The set of stamps are designed to provide the opportunity for people to mark special moments in life by choosing the perfect stamp to accompany their mail.  The issue is full of love, gratitude, respect and pleasant feelings.

#7. German: “The Little Prince” stamp

#7.   “The Little Prince” stamp

One more stamp issue by German Post entered the list of “Top ten most touching stamp of 2014”. This item released in September is dedicated to the lovely and sincere story of “Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is a fascinating tale in which the children as well as adults can find the precious thoughts to learn the truth of life. The story depicts children as imaginative, open-minded, and aware of and sensitive to the mystery and beauty of the world.

#8. Monaco: Marsupilami stamp

This funny stamp dedicated to Marsupilami, popular comic strips characters was issued by Monaco Post in May. This TV series is appreciated by all children for several generations, it brings together kids who love it and parents who are still fond of it. The story brings a lot of positive feelings s that makes us watch it again and again.

#9. Poland: “Smile heals” stamps

#9.   “Smile heals” stamps

Stamp issue under the name “Smile heals” was introduced by Polish Post in September. The message of this issue – smiling and positive emotions can heal even from the most serious illnesses. The aim of the lovely stamp is to support and to encourage all those who have problems with health.

#10. Philippines: National Family Week stamps

#10.   National Family Week stamps

National Family Week stamps were released by Philippines Post in October. The stamps were designed by the winners of philately contest among the schoolchildren, who aimed to show “love for the family” with this issue.  The stamps designed by children bring so mature and meaningful message- “Family is not an important thing. It's everything.”

Special Nomination Awards also would like to honor several stamps with annual Special Nomination Awards. These stamps cannot be avoided by our site while they are not only touching, but also amusing and devoted to such popular strip comics as “Garfield” and “Le Petit Spirou”.

Switzerland: Garfield stamps

Special Nomination Awards: Garfield stamps by Swiss Post

This stamp series was introduced by Swiss Post in August. Garfield is unusual and amusing cat that was created by the author of this famous strip comics - Jim Davis. The story became so popular that soon after its creation many cartoon versions of Garfield comics appeared. Their main protagonist – lazy, cynical orange cat, became one of the most favorite children`s fictional character. It is not weird because Garfield behaves like a real carefree child whose life is full of adventures part of which was depicted on this stamp issue.

Belgium: Le Petit Spirou stamps

Special Nomination Awards: Le Petit Spirou stamps

The stamp dedicated to a famous strip comics “Le Petit Spirou” (Young Spirou) was presented by Belgian Post in October. This comics was created specially for children as it is full of amusing adventures, funny jokes and positive emotions. The comics showі us the value of real friendship that cannot be destroyed by ill-wishers.

Thus the message of this touching stamp that a child is unspoiled, innocent creature that in some situations can be more mature then their parents…

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