Toys are timeless – new stamp issue by PostNL

May 19th, 2015 got to know that PostNL is entering a new stamp sheet into PostEurop 2015, the European postal companies' annual stamp competition. This year's PostEurop 2015 theme is old toys. At the same time, PostNL is also issuing a 'New Toys' stamp sheet containing images of new toys. The item became available for purchasing from the 8th of May.

Children have always played with toys, but the type of toys that children played with in days gone by differs from today's toys. By depicting old and new toys on the stamps, PostNL wishes to emphasise that toys are timeless. This is an element that designer Ieva Valule from Derk Dumbar agency makes very clear, especially if you place the stamps next to each other.

Changes in toy functions

In designing these stamps Ieva particularly focused on the function of toys. "With the toys of yesteryear your own fantasy played huge role. That's why I chose a robot, with which a child experiences his own adventures. But the toys also had social and connecting character, as seen in the togetherness of playing board games such as Ludo.

Today's toys, on the other hand, offer more of a challenge or focus on a problem. Take game consoles and the Rubik's cube for example, in which you need to demonstrate intelligence, creativity and perseverance", explained Ieva Valule.