July 3rd, 2014

World Environment Day was celebrated in Sri Lanka


In line with the decision taken at the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held from 05th June to 16th June 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden. The inaugural day of the Stockholm conference was declared as World Environment Day (WED). As a result of the Conference, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) was officially set up to undertake celebration of this day. Since then past 4 decades, it is hosted every year with a different theme.

Theme of the World Environment Day 2014 is "Small islands and Climate Change" and through this theme, the attention was drawn to small Islands and climate change. One of the major environmental challenges face by these countries are rise of sea water level due to climate change.

At present, with the growth of population, burn of fossil fuel, degradation of forests and mixtures many kind of atmospheric gases have created new challenges to human and physical environment. After beginning of industrial revolution, necessity of power had been gradually increased. Power generated through burning coal, fuel and fossil fuel were used for activities such as houses illumination and vehicular movements. Many small Island countries have successfully faced their energy needs challenge and found appropriate solutions.

Hence, to make this year theme meaningful and to minimize climate change effects, citizens of Sri Lanka shall follow the following actions and need to consider they are as common responsibilities. Tree Planting, Use Electricity reservedly, Solid wastes recycling, Disseminate information among others on climate change, Procure/purchase environment friendly products, Use green energy, Purchase products with Energy Saving Labels (Stars).

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